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  • Get the archive on the download area
  • Verify the archive signature and md5 checksum
  • Unarchive and decompress the archive
  • Edit src/UndernetCS-Conf.tcl
  • create the directory 'UndernetCS' in your eggdrop's scripts/ directory (case sensitive!)
  • Copy all Tcl files to the scripts/UndernetCS/ directory.
  • Add source scripts/UndernetCS/UndernetCS.tcl
  • You can also add the file UndernetCS.Motd to your motd file.
  • Now rehash your eggdrop and see .cs set and .cs chanset in the party-line to really configure this script. Before starting with this script, please read the README, LICENCE and AUTHOR file :), thank you for this.

(Not complete, read README file in UndernetCS archive)

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