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Lasted stable version

NOTE: After download, verify GPG signature AND SHA1 checksum !

File Type Download URL GPG Signature SHA1SUM
Tarball Bziped UndernetCS-1.0.0.tar.bz2 (38.8Ko) GPG.signature f8650285c84b78266bd1c0f1246c6c692474546c
Tarball Gziped UndernetCS-1.0.0.tar.gz (46.8Ko) GPG.signature 912c21b9627528929dc65f54e525838aa908e91f
Latest snapshot (in progress) <br /> Can be preferred over the latest release, contains all bug fixes. <strong>Only for upgrading</strong> from a stable release.

Older version can be found on

Known Issues

  • TCL error [XXXXX]: too many nested calls to Tcl_EvalObj (infinite loop?).
    This error is produced when X quit/join/split and so in each channel a proc who manage the events is called and eggdrop Tcl interpreter think there is an infinite loop. This error isn't very important. Don't care about that.
  • No more, but remember to read the FAQ

Use SVN version

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