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NOTE: To work, the undernet account must use english lang !

This script manage authentication to Undernet Channel Service and ensure that eggdrop will be always channel operator for all managed channel.


  • Multi-channels support: Each channel's owner can add, remove, active, unactive its own channel.
  • Global owner(s) can set eggdrop's username and password for Channel Service and delay which the eggdrop verifies authentication status.
  • Script permit global owner to set mode +x (to caching real hostname).

X's Authentication

  • Automatic authentication to Undernet Channel Service (X).
    • When connect to IRC.
    • When needed for actions if not already authenticated.
  • Script know if eggdrop is authenticated or not.
  • Regularly verify if really authenticated. Global owner can set the check time.
  • Managing X splits and join/quit events.

X's reply analyze and scripts actions

  • Automaticaly get channel level information from X.
  • Managing X's SUSPEND reply. In this case the eggdrop verifies each 'y' min if the access for the channel is already suspended. This feature prevents the eggdrop from using too many bandwidth, and flooding X. Each channel owner can set 'y' to what he wants.
  • Script manage AUTOMODE value, this prevents the eggdrop from sending 'OP' request to X while it isn't necessary. Channel owner must set this in party line via .cs chanset command .
  • Optimising for all messages which are sent to X and fixing more priority to 'LOGIN' and 'OP' messages, lesser to 'DEOP', 'BAN', 'UNBAN', 'CLEARMODE', 'KICK' and 'INVITE'. Other messages are sent in the puthelp queue. This feature uses the differents eggdrop's queues and the -next option of queues.
  • Verifies before sending a command to X, that eggdrop have a sufficient access level to perform command. (ie. OP command needs access level 100 min)
  • All Need-* are managed by the script.
    • Need invite, need key or channel User limit reached are resolved by send invite request to X. Invite bypass all limitation to join a channel.
    • Need op by op request.
    • When receive You are banned message, script send unban request and invite to rejoin channel.
  • Managing RAW 401 reply, no such nick/channel and use it to know if a request to X was lost.
  • When eggdrop is deopped by a user who is not a global master, eggdrop sends a request to X for OP him and DEOP the agressor. If this user is unknown, the eggdrop adds a BAN level 25 to X's banlist.


  • The script prohibits the use of the command .msg to X for security reason.
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